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4550T Firmware Upgrade

Two firmware image files are required. For v5.6: 4500_56.bin and 4500_56s.img


Check the current version

Firmware Upgrade

NOTE: Upgrade the Firmware first.

Software Upgrade

NOTE: Always upgrade the Firmware first (see above).

Once the stack reboots check the main screen to ensure the Firmware and Software has been updated to the correct version.


Copy the two firmware image files to a USB memory stick (thumb drive), and plug it in to the front panel USB port.
Firmware upgrade via TELNET requires a functioning (active) TFTP server, hosting the two image files.

Ctrl-y EN
: down usb diag 4500_56.bin
    (downloads, and re-boots...)

Ctrl-y EN
: down usb image 4500_56s.img
    (downloads, re-boots.... upgrades, and re-boots again!)

Note: Details about setting up a local TFTP server, such as SolarWinds or PumpKIN, can be found elsewhere. Running a TFTP server is hightly recommended. A TFTP server on your ELAN will assist with soft/firm/load-ware updates and configuration backups.

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To recover a dead or re-booting switch, try the following:

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