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Multi-User Call Recording

Algo has released version 2.1.0 of the Enterprise Call Recorder (ECR) software. This is a free release of the ECR to all installed version 2.0 and 2.0.2 customers. We strongly recommend you upgrade to this version to take advantage of the latest stability and feature enhancements.

Changes to this version include:

ECR v2.1 Version 2.1.0 is available for download: ECR_V2_1_0.zip (28.5MB Zipped file)


Uncompress the zip file to a temporary directory to access installer. Included are:

ECR Installation Guide.pdf – Guide for installation of the ECR.
ECR User Guide.pdf – Operation guide describing how to use and configure the ECR.
ECR_Install_V2_1_0.exe – Software installation program.

Upgrading is made easy with version 2.1; the system configuration and call database are automatically imported from the previous installation of the software.

This software supports multiple Auxbox's connected to one (server) PC.

Beware: There are two type of License Key - a CD Key, and a Station License Key.
You need a station license for each Algo Auxbox connected to the system. Exceeding the station license quota will result in Auxbox(s) being diabled until the appropriate license key is entered. Tia Perry (SA-21) can provide license keys.

Documentation: The complete Installation, Configuration, and User Documentation can be found in the download archive.

Some brief installation notes follow. Please refer to the Installation Guide for complete instructions.

Install ECR Software on Server PC

1. Run ECR_Install_V2_1_0.exe
2. InstallShield will automatically check for Windows® Media Encoder. If Windows® Media Encoder is detected, InstallShield will go directly to the Installation Package screen. If Windows® Media Encoder is not detected, it will be automatically installed.
3. Enterprise Call Recorder Installation Type: Choose Server Installation when prompted to select installation type.
4. Restart the computer when prompted.

License Key Entry

If upgrading, the system configuration is automatically imported from the previous installation.

1. Launch the ECR Configuration Tool from the desktop icon. Default administrator login is:

Username: admin
Password: admin

2. The New Installation window will pop up after logging in. Click <Yes> to begin configuration.
3. Enter the CD-Key and Station License Key when prompted.

The License Key entry screen can also be accessed from “Tools -> License Management -> Add License Key” menu.

Telephone Station Configuration

1. The Station Wizard starts automatically after entering the License Keys. The Station Wizard will step through the Station creation process. A “Station” in the ECR is defined as a telephone with an attached recording device. This is used to allow the software to identify and communicate with the hardware; a later section describes configuration of user accounts which allows various user to interact with the software. The Station Wizard can also be accessed from the icon in the ECR Configuration Tool window.

2. Read the instructions on each screen and click <Next> to proceed. When prompted to ‘Shutdown Recording System’, click <Yes>.

3. Select the first AuxBox or AuxCard to be configured from the list.

Note: The AuxCard order in the window does not correspond to the AuxCard order in the shelf. Correlating the listed serial number with an AuxCard or AuxBox can be done a number ways:

  1. Selecting an entry will flash the lights on the corresponding AuxCard or AuxBox. (Firmware version 1.32 or greater is required for this feature)
  2. The back page of the user guide supplied with the ECR Shelf system contains all card positions and corresponding serial numbers
  3. The AuxBox serial number is recorded on the bottom of the unit
4. Upgrade selected AuxBox firmware.

There is no need to upgrade the firmware if the current version already meets the requirements of the ECR:

Model Minimum required firmware version
4102 Digital AuxBox 1.34
4105 Analog AuxBox 1.14
5006 Centrex AuxBox 1.14

5. If the serial number is not correctly populated, enter the serial number and click <Program>. The serial number should populate automatically so this step can generally be skipped.

6. Assign a name to the Station. Common names are the extension (“Ext 105”, “10240”) or the phone attendant name (“Greg’s Desk”, “Reception”). Click <Create Station> to complete the process. To configure more stations, click <Configure More Stations>; otherwise click <Finish> to close the Station Wizard.

7. Repeat the instructions in Steps 3-6 for each recording device connected to the ECR Server PC.

Upgrade Installation Instructions

Upgrading is made easy with version 2.1 of the ECR; the system configuration and call database are automatically imported from the previous installation of the software. Follow the instructions below to upgrade the ECR.

1. Run the ECR Installation program.
2. The installation program will first ask to shutdown the ECR, select Yes.
3. The 2.1 Installation program will first prompt to uninstall the previous version of the ECR. Select Yes to process. Note no call records will be deleted in this process.
4. Once the un-installation is complete, rerun the 2.1 Installation program. Proceed with installation of new version as prompted.
5. Select Yes when prompted to import old configuration.
6. Re-start the Server PC when prompted.
7. Recorder firmware must be upgraded to take advantage of all ECR features. Note version 2.1.0 of the ECR offers a mass upgrade function to program all attached recorders. See Section 2 in the ECR User Guide for firmware upgrade instructions using the AuxBox Maintenance function.
8. Test the ECR system.

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