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39xx Flash Download

How to upgrade M3900 series digital set firmware (eg. after an upgrade) to re-enable the softkey features (transfer, conference).

3902 Requires upgrade

Requires upgrade: Softkeys are missing!

3902 Upgraded Firmware

After upgrading: Softkeys are present.

The process takes 8-10 minutes per set, so if you have a lot of sets, build a schedule in LD 97 to perform the task out of hours.
Before you start, make sure the system disk firmware files are up-to-date: see below for peripheral software update instructions.

LD 32 - Check a sets firmware level:

Check the firmware version of an individual set in LD 32 with fwvu l s c u:

>ld 32
.fwvu 8 0 12 0
****M3900 VERSION REPORT****
FLASH FIRMWARE VERSION =  083          < the downloadable flash firmware version
Or, from the set: 1. Press the Options key
2. Scroll to 'Display Diagnostics', and press Select
3. Scroll to display the language and firmware version

Check the firmware version of all sets with fsum all:

>ld 32
.fsum all
TYPE:3904  CUST:00  PDN:773803 TN:008 0 12 00  FW:083
TYPE:3904  CUST:00  PDN:773804 TN:008 0 12 01  FW:083
TYPE:3904  CUST:00  PDN:773805 TN:008 0 12 02  FW:083

To update the firmware of a specific set, use fdlu l s c u in LD 32.

- Use fsum to identify how many of each set type require an update.
- If you need to update multiple sets, configure a schedule to be executed out of hours.


LD 97 - Configure a Download Schedule:

Configure a firmware download schedule in load 97, and then tell it to run in load 32.

REQCHG PRTChange or Print schedule
TYPEFDLFlash Download for M3900 Sets
FDTPALLAll 39xx sets, or specify: 3902, 3903, 3904, or 3905
FDTM(NO) YESTime interval restriction for Flash Download: (NO) No change to time intervals, YES Change time intervals
- FDAYd nDay and number of time intervals for Flash Download. Prompted only if FDTM = YES
d = day of the week (0-6 for Sunday to Saturday)
n = number of time intervals (0-4); to disallow download for the day, enter 0.
- FINTs lStarting hour and length for a time interval. Prompted n times if n>0.
s = starting hour (0-23)
l = length of interval in hours (1-24)
- FDAY<cr>FDAY is re-prompted until carriage return <cr> alone is entered
Carriage return <cr> through remaining prompts to finish, or continue to restrict the schedule to a specified TN/DN range:
FTNR(NO) YESTN range restriction option for Flash Download.
- FSTNl s c uStarting Terminal Number for Flash Download. Prompted only if FTNR = YES
- FETNl s c uEnding Terminal Number for Flash Download. Prompted only if FTNR = YES
FDNR(NO) YESDN range or list restriction option for Flash Download.
- FDDNc d1 d2Flash Download Prime Directory Number range. Prompted only if FDNR = YES
Where: c = Customer number, d1 = starting prime, DN d2 = ending prime DN
FRCE(NO) YESYES: Force flash download to all the specified sets regardless of their current firmware versions.
NO: only sets whose firmware version is different from version currently found on the system disk.
FVER(0)-99Flash firmware version specified for full report.
Where: (0) = Report all Flash firmware version, 1-99 = Selected Flash firmware version


LD 32 - Perform Flash Download(s):

Use the following load 32 commands to start the upgrade per schedule:

>ld 32

Manual upgrade commands:

  • FDLF l s c u - Force download (regardless of FW version)
  • FDLI l s c u - Graceful download (eg, when set is idle)
  • FDLU l s c u - Initiate download normally
Download progress


Print the firmware level of sets again with FSUM ALL, or FWVU l s c u, to confirm update performed.

Note: If a phone still displays "Awaiting download" after the schedule is over, try to revive it in LD 32:

  1. First, cancel the schedule: FDLC,
  2. Next, FDLF l s c u the dead set.

Output Messages:

reason:  1: Time-out error
  2: PSW checksum error
  3: Record checksum error
  4: Record format error
  5: Firmware state error
  6: Invalid page number received
  7: Unrequired page delivered during download
18: Flash memory cannot be erased
19: Error detected while programming flash
20: Active application, download cannot proceed
21: Verification byte incorrect
type:telephone model: 3902, 3903, 3904, or 3905
tn:LSCU: loop, shelf, card, unit
version:Peripheral software (PSW) version
mode:FAST MODE (from initialization)
MAINT MODE (by ENLL command in LD 30)
BKGD MODE (second attempt after initialization)

UPDATE peripheral software on PBX:

LD 22 - Print peripheral software versions:

To Print firmware versions found on the system disk:

REQ prt

TYPE pswv                Print 'peripheral software versions' on system...

:                        From the lengthy output, find the section with the 3900 sets...

The firmware versions for each M3900 Series set type will printed along with the versions of any other downloadable peripheral software. Use this information to determine if patching is necessary.

Alternatively, use psdl list (List Peripheral Software DownLoad files) in LD 143.

>ld 143
.psdl list

3900 language set currently installed on the switch :
         Release and Issue x210750q
         VERSION 100
         1. Global version :

Patching procedure.

Obtain the new Loadware files (from Avaya's ESPL website), copy them to a Compact Flash card, and place the card in the CPU faceplate (CF2). The loadware patches must be copied to the call server system disk /u/loadware directory, and installed:

PDT commands supporting the Dynamic PSDL feature:

lwload <filename> [all]- loads one or more loadware patches on the switch.
lwinst <handle> [all]- rebuilds psdl.rec to include new loadware
lwout <handle> [all]- removes one or more loadware patches from the switch
lwstat <handle> [all]- displays status of loadware patches on switch
- if no patch numbers given, displays all patches

The loadware patches must be located in the /u/loadware directory.

Further details: Load Patch procedure.

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