Mike's PBX Cookbook

M2250 Console Programming

Installation Notes.

Each M2250 console requires:

2 Loop TN’s - pairs 1 and 2 - TYPE: 2250
3 Power TN’s * - pairs 5, 7 and 8 - TYPE: PWR
Note: AUX Power pairs are split:
Tip's to pair 7 (AUX +), Ring's to pair 8 (AUX -).
See M2250 Console Wiring for details.

* Or maybe not! Power is not required with short cable runs, PC Attendant, or Datapulse consoles.

Deploy a maximum 4 of consoles per Digital Line Card: units 0/1, 4/5, 8/9, and 12/13:


Possible Errors:

Program in LD12 & LD 15

LD 12 options are programmed per console, LD 15 options are programmed per customer.

1 Set the hardware in LD 12:

Program two loop TN's

LD 12:

REQ: new 
TYPE: 2250       - always a 2250
TN: l s c u      - first TN
SETN: l s c u    - second TN
ANUM: 1          - attendant number, eg, 1 
ICDR: icda       - internal CDR allowed
ABAN: abda       - abandoned call record and time to answer allowed
CPND: cnda       - call party name display feature allowed
DNDI: dnda       - dialed name display allowed
KEY: 2 dcw       - add keys to keystrip 5, eg: add a DCW key to display calls waiting

Program the power TN's (if needed):

LD 12:

REQ: new 
TYPE: pwr
TN: l s c u      - power TN

Repeat for all power TN’s.

2 Set OPTions and ICI keys in LD 15:

Program the ATT_DATA:

LD 15:

REQ: chg
TYPE: att
ATDN: 0          - attendant DN, probably want zero
OPT: idp         - include digit display, to make call party name display work
ICI:xx yyy       - incoming call indicators (keystrip 2)
    ICI: 00 DL0 (dial zero)
    ICI: 01 LD1
    ICI: 02 LD2
    ICI: 02 LD3

Program the LDN_DATA:

LD 15:

REQ: chg
TYPE: ldn
LDN0: xxxx       - listed directory number 0 (required for ISDN PRI DID service)
LDN1: xxxx       - listed directory number 1
LDN2: xxxx       - listed directory number 2

LDN0 must be defined to enable DID, and its length determines the number of trailing digits taken as the dialled DN on DID routes.

Note: The Incomming call indicators (ICI's) are useful! Program different incoming trunk routes with different ACDN's (LD 14).
By setting the ICI's to different ATDN's, or rather LDN's, an operator can identify the call source before answering.

Use LD 80 TRAT c a (c = customer, a = console # 1, 2, or 3) to check if a console is in NITE.

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