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Meridian Time and Date

The following describes how to set the time and date MANUALLY in LD 2, which you will want to do with an older PBX release.
Alternatively, you can Set the Time with NTP if available.

NOTE: With the later releases, you must login as ADMIN2 to change the time and/or date.

NOTE: Manually setting the 'time and date' may impact other ELAN devices or applications.

Note that all the commands described here are blocked for co-resident Call Server applications (Call Server and Signaling Server applications co-located on a CP PM server). Time of Day is controlled from the Linux Base layer.

Set Time and Date

Use a TTY to access LD 2 - this proceedure cannot be done from MAT or OTM.

To prinT the Time And Date, enter the command:


Example: TTAD Fri 21 10 2016 07 50 10

To Set the Time And Date, use the same format, eg:

STAD <day> <month> <year> <hour> <minute> <second>

Example: < - Current time. Enter this command exactly as shown.

The year may be input as a full 4-digit field or as a 2-digit short form. The 2-digit short form is assumed to be in the range 1976-2075. The other entries in the time of day output are 2-digit numbers. The example above is calculated from your PC's clock.

Pentium II Cores (and newer) have a battery clock, all others need re-setting after a powerfail.

Set daily time adjustment

The time of day can be adjusted during the miidnight routines to compensate for a fast or slow system clock.

To print the current adjustment: TDTA

To set the adjustment: SDTA x y

Where: x = 0 (negative increment) or 1 (positive increment)
y = 0-60 second adjustment in increments of 100mS

Set and print Daylight Savings Time

The daylight savings time adjustment can be programmed to take place automatically. You must set both FWTM and BWTM dates before you can enable the automatic change capability with SDST ON. This information survives a sysload.

Use the following commands:

FWTM <month> <week> <day> <hour> Set the date and time to move forward.

month = 1-(4)-12 [January-December]
week = (1)-5, L [1st-5th, L is the last week of the month]
day = (1)-7 [Sunday-Saturday]
hour = 1-(2)-22 [Midnight-11pm]

BWTM <month> <week> <day> <hour> Set the date and time to move backward.

month = 1-(4)-12 [January-December]
week = (1)-5, L [1st-5th, L is the last week of the month]
day = (1)-7 [Sunday-Saturday]
hour = 1-(2)-22 [Midnight-11pm]

SDST ON, OFF ON enables the automatic change capability
OFF disables the automatic change capability
TDST <CR> Query the daylight savings time adjustment information.

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