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Special Number Routing

Special Number Routing

The steps:

1 The Special Number Network Translation locates the SPN dialed by the user, and determines a Route List for the call.

4 The route determines a trunk. If LD 86 ESN, TGAR is YES (not by default), the users Trunk Group Restriction is checked.

2 The Route List (RLI) lists possible routes, facility restriction level, and digit manipulation for this call, in order of preference.

5 Different routes may require Digit Manipulation (DMI) to delete or insert digits, in order to make the digit string compatible.

3 The facility restriction level (FRL) for a RLI entry restricts a station with an NCOS less than this value using this route.
If the NCOS and FRL match, then the higher the NCOS, the less the set is restricted (LD 87 NCTL, usually NCOS = FRL).

6 A trunk is selected, and the digit string sent (with any digit manipulation applied). Audio is cut-through, and call setup completed.

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