Mike's PBX Cookbook

IP Office Backup / Restore

Backup IP Office Configuration

Restore IP Office Configuration

To Backup...

  1. Login to IP Office Manager
  2. Select File Open Configuration...
    Select the IP Office, enter the username/password.

  3. Go to File Save Configuration As...
  4. Select a location, and make sure the file type is .CFG
  5. Press Save

Remember to backup regularly!

To Restore...

  1. Login to IP Office Manager
  2. Go to File Offline Open File...
  3. Select the backup .CGF file, and click Ok
    The configuration file opens in IP Office Manager.

  4. Select File Offline Send Config...
  5. Tick the box next to the IP Office and click Ok
    Enter the username/password when prompted.
  6. Select File Advanced Reboot...

  7. When the system has rebooted, select it, and log in
  8. Select File Save Configuration, select Immediate

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