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Installing BCM Modules

A module may only be inserted or removed, when the BCM is powered down! Module DIP switch settings must be followed.

Warning Note: BCM50/450: Module DIPs are set to the default - ALL "ON"- position, and must
be assigned to a pseudeo slot number in Resources > Telephony Resources.

Overview of installing a media bay module

bcm_mod1.jpg (33547 bytes)

Overview of replacing a media bay module

bcm_mod2.jpg (28530 bytes)

After you set the DIP switches on a media bay module, you can install it in the BCM or an expansion unit - all bay slots are the same.  If, after powering up the BCM, a module status LED continues to flash (don't be too hasty, it can take upto 15 mins for the initialization process to complete), you have either an addressing conflict (check DIP switches), or a faulty module. Remember, the BCM must be shut down before inserting or removing modules.

Example DIP Switch Settings

In a typical small installation (eg, a residence), the following Module DIP switch settings are recommended:

Module DS30 Bus DIP Switch Settings To assign these DN's
1 2 3 4 5 6
Digital Station (DSM 16+) 2(A) off on on on on on 221 - 236
Digital Station (DSM 16+) 2(B) off on off on on on 237 - 252
Analog Station (ASM 8+) 3 off on on on on off 253 - 268
Trunk (GATM) 6 on on on off on on L91, 92, 93, 94

Note, the second station module (2B) may not be present.

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