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Accessing the BCM50 system

Use the following procedures to access the BCM50 system through the OA&M port (left most RJ-45).

BCM50 Main Unit

To download and install Element Manager:

UPDATE: Element Manager on the BCM50 may not be Windows 7 compatible, Version 62.0.5 is.
1. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the OA&M port on the main unit, and connect the other end to the Ethernet port on your computer. The DHCP-enabled computer is assigned IP address (
2. Open a web browser and enter the IP address (BCM50 OAM port IP address).
The Enter Network Password dialog box opens.
3. Enter the following username and password:
Username: nnadmin
Password: PlsChgMe!
Element Manager: Administrator Applications
4. Click Ok.
The Welcome to BCM50 web page opens.
5. From the Welcome to BCM50 web page, click Administrator Applications.
The Administrator Applications page opens.
6. From the Administrator Applications page, click BCM50 Element Manager.
The Element Manager panel opens.
7. Click Download Element Manager on the right side of the screen.
8. When BCM50 Element Manager has finished downloading, double-click the application and follow the instructions to install.

To connect to the BCM50 system:

1. Open Element Manager. Element Manager: Add New Element
2. From the Network menu, select New Network Element, then select  Business Communications Manager.
3. Enter the IP address, in the dialog box.
4. Click Ok.
5. Select the address from the Network Elements folder.
6. Enter the following username and password:
Username: nnadmin
Password: PlsChgMe!
7. Click Connect.
Click OK to download the software cartridge (if prompted).

You are now connected to the BCM50 system.

To enter the keycodes

1. From the Configuration tab, click the System folder to expand it
2. Select Keycodes from the System folder. The Keycodes screen opens.
You can enter the keycodes for your system on this screen


The Expansion Unit connects to the Main Unit via a standard RJ-45 CAT5 cable:

BCM50 Expansion Unit

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